Since starting Watchtower Defense I have learned some invaluable lessons.  While I have attended some rockstar preparatory training at Jacksonville State and Troy University, nothing could have ever prepared me for life as a business owner.  It seems as if every time we move a muscle I learn something new.  That’s healthy and I appreciate the ‘frustration’ of learning something new every day, but the reality is some business have closed their doors over these ‘frustrations’.  In the end I hope you’ll see these ‘frustrations’ were actually invaluable lessons I could have learned anywhere else but at the reins of a growing, thriving small business.

Never trust anyone who already knows the source of their next meal

I have had so many people step up to the plate offering to help me out since starting Watchtower Defense.  A former boss told me for weeks before I was to leave my old job he wanted me and my new firm on board to help out with some extremely tough projects.  Not only did he not rope us in, he gave me the ‘did my email not make it to you? It had all the details!’ line.  Pretty poor.

A ‘friend’ of mine told me time and again “I will get you so much work you’ll be ready to quit!”  This was over seven months ago.  Admittedly, he wanted response equipment pre-staged near his home – a move which would have cost me thousands of dollars.  Our agreement was then settled at ‘1 call per month for three straight months’ and I will stage equipment wherever he wanted.  Months and months went by — nothing.

I’m 100% certain each of the aforementioned individuals had very good intentions of helping out and putting themselves in place to either 1) help me by keeping me employed or 2) helping themselves by earning extra money.  The reality of each of these situations is: they lacked drive and passion behind their promises due to the fact they know the source of their next paycheck.

You must know and live the YOYO principle: You’re On Your Own

– You will lose so many precious hours of sleep

Sleepless nights will become your new reality due to the fact your wheels never stop turning.  I have sat up for hours on end worrying about finances, how to solve problems for customers, and  how to find new ways to make and save more money.  Prepare yourself and those around you for 24/7 obsession.

But who in the world would stay in a mindless state of mediocrity at a dead-end job to sleep through the night?  Get out there and conquer!  You can sleep plenty when you retire – oh wait, there’s no retirement…now lose sleep about that, too!

See?  Regardless where you turn, there’s something to stress about.

There are certainly more lessons I want to share but today is moving day.  With new growth comes new space requirements.  Neither are a bad problem to have.

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