The Advanced Antiterrorism Training, Learning, and Information Synergy Center presents HAZRefresh.  In this 3-day course experienced HAZMAT Technicians are put to the test to perform the following OSHA/NFPA competencies:

HME Instruction

Instructional briefing on the production principles, safety hazards, and required PPE for Potassium Perchlorate and Mercury Fulminate.  Students will then immediately build a suitable clandestine lab and begin a 2-day continuous production cycle for their HME components.


HAZRefresh Practical Walkthrough

  • 55-gallon drum leak mitigation (pinhole/forklift)
  • Unknown 55-gallon drum
  • Mitigation of multiple leaking pipes
  • Laboratory Identification (Component Based)
    • Phosgene – Liquid Chlorine
    • Phosgene – Carbon
    • Hydrogen Cyanide
    • Lewisite #1
    • Lewisite #2
    • Sarin
    • Sulfur Mustard
    • Staphylococcus Enterotoxin B
    • Potassium Perchlorate
    • Mercury Fulminate
  • Laboratory Identification FTX (Labs are constructed in 10 different rooms inside the training complex.  Attendees must break into 3-person teams to lead, brief, and execute entries for identification and lab pack)

HME Production Renew

Attendees reconstitute and regenerate HME laboratory production
Confined Space Rescue Refresher
Confined Space Rescue Practical
Attendees must: make entry into a confined space; locate; assess; decontaminate; package; and successfully rescue the patient.

WMD Locate, Overpack, Remove, and Decontaminate

Attendees will make entry into a travel trailer carrying an unknown Chemical Warfare Agent. Entrants will then identify the hazard, sample the suspected agent, overpack the dissemination and/or transport vessel, and decontaminate any hazardous surface in support of a simulated law enforcement investigation.

**Dependent upon the number of students, this may serve as a Round Robin Training Evolution with the Confined Space Rescue Component.

Inverse Square Law

ISL instruction on measuring the total dose and dose rates of known and unknown radiological hazards.

Inverse Square Law Practical

Attendees will receive 5 total dose and 5 dose rate problems for which both an equation and a solution must be independently produced with the assistance of only a scientific calculator.


HME Production

Attendees will assemble their HME devices using the components produced in their clandestine laboratories. Devices will then be tested for effectiveness.

Practical Challenge

Attendees will be issued the appropriate PPE and monitoring equipment to perform each of the course functions (with the exception of HME). Each student will be timed on their completion of all tasks. Attendee with the lowest time coupled with the spread of the least amount of (glow germ) contamination will be deemed the Honor Graduate.

Please download the course description for dates and registration.

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