About Us

After over 20 years as a CBRN/HAZMAT Emergency Responder for the US Army, Randy Pike founded Watchtower Defense in 2011 based on the idea that stronger, more efficient multi-service response forces require an entity with a wealth of experience of responding to – and training for – CBRNE emergencies all over the world.

Since starting Watchtower Defense, our warriors have made the following achievements:

  • Ebola Crisis Hot Zone Operational Lead – Dallas 2014
  • Hundreds of military and civilian responders trained and prepared for HAZMAT/CBRN Attacks and Incidents
  • Multiple Environmental Remediation Projects
  • Concealed Trap Extraction and Decontamination Support along the US border with Mexico

Watchtower Defense is built using personnel who are former members of elite fighting forces with proven service in every corner of the world.

By Warriors. For Warriors. We Are Watchtower Defense.

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