We Are Active CBRN/HAZMAT/EOD Technicians – We Are Watchtower Defense

Our industry is filled with extremely proficient technicians who truly care about America, our allies, our aggressive pursuit in the offense against terrorism, our defensive stance against the asymmetrical use of chemical weapons, and the spread of infectious diseases.  Of course, there are those amongst us who are simply hanging around for a paycheck just as there are in every area of the professional living space.  But generally – even specifically – you will find highly trained professionals everywhere you look in the Emergency Response industry.

It is no different here at Watchtower Defense.  Our specialties are training services and devices which are both backed by decades of experience in a hot zone.  In addition, we are all currently active technicians in CBRN, HAZMAT, and Explosives response.

Just since the last quarter of 2014, we have responded to – and performed many hours of operations in – major national-level events including the Ebola crises and the largest methamphetamines discovery in recent history.  As training professionals, we tap into this experience to write complex training programs for our peers that fill our ranks.  As response professionals, we use these operations to further enhance our capabilities providing an efficient, swift response anywhere in the world.

At Watchtower Defense, we don’t write response protocols from our desks in hopes our customers can relate.

We Are Responders.

We Are Active Technicians.

We Are Watchtower Defense.

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