Exercise Coordination and Support

Lanes Training

Collective Lanes Training (CLT) has become a mundane part of our existence. There are many lessons learned from training collectively.

Just a single day’s worth of training together boosts unit morale and the confidence we have in our coworkers.

Unfortunately, CLT has not experienced much evolution since we first started the WMD-CST program in 1999. While deployment, safety briefings, IC inbriefs, survey missions are still critical tasks, the program has not progressed with the real-world response requirements WMD-CSTs face in 2012 and beyond.

In our very recent history, WMD-CSTs have been required to respond with a fragmented force within their states due to leave, education, and training schedules. Watchtower has taken that into consideration and constructed a week of Strike Team CLT where the unit still maintains the requirement to work collectively but the WMD-CST C2 component is required to manage 3 to 4 ‘strike teams’ comprised of 5 to 6 team members.

Watchtower staff will stage multiple simultaneous or consecutive ‘attacks’ or response-based requirements. Then, as the CBRNE response experts, the WMD-CST C2 staff advises the Incident Management Staff on how to:

  • Prioritize the multiple, phased responses
  • Create collective response objectives
  • Staff and respond to each incident
  • Manage the overall response from afar using DTRA, CIMS (if web-based beta is available), DCO, etc
  • Summarize the multiple, associated events as one overall incident

Of course, Watchtower also provides the same CLT you have grown accustomed to since 1999. We have executed tens of thousands of hours of WMD-CST lanes training. But we both know you can show up, take a sample, and conduct analysis.  So, why?

Training Proficiency Assessments

TPEs can – and will – be a stressful event for a new WMD-CST Commander or for a WMD-CST that has experienced a high rate of turnover in the eighteen months since the last evaluation.

Watchtower’s staff has conducted hundreds of External Evaluations spending thousands of hours preparing and executing ExEval events. Each exercise has been designed to ensure each team meets every objective as defined by the Combined Arms Training Strategy (CATS) WMD-CST Collective Task List.

Should Watchtower find operational shortcomings that will earn you a ‘Practice’ or ‘Untrained’ in your evaluation, we will suggest the implementation of proven methods to ensure your success. In addition, we will provide you with written documentation addressing each of your successes and shortcomings we witnessed during your training evolution.

We Conduct Real AARS

While we definitely want you to return as a customer, during your After Action Review you will not simply hear ‘this is the best team we’ve ever seen’ or ‘those TTPs were simply superb’ or any other generalized ‘attaboy’ statements. We want you to win.

Simply telling you how awesome you are is not a win for anyone. In addition, we facilitate AARs allowing the warfighter to voice their lessons-learned rather than us briefing you what you already know.

Our thousands of hours of WMD-CST training and evaluation experience allows us to specifically look at your operations from command, to survey, to analytical and beyond. We truly bring an objective eye to your team while maintaining our own extremely high degree of professionalism.

In the end, your 100% success is our passion.

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